Taichung BeiTun Dist. Studio/Bedroom w/ private bath for rent

Located 5 minutes away from Express 74(Tai-Yuan exit), American school in Taichung, Wei-Ger High school, International Tennis Court, and 3 large parks, the condominium with elevator in each unit is finished in April 2019.

High-class tiles, sound-proof window-glass system, large patio, regular maintenance for the elevator and middle yard. Trash is stored in 24/7 fridge to prevent odor. Recycles are stored in shelter house. Laundry available on site. Basement parking available.

Single room with high-class bathroom and bathtub. 23 to 63 square meters, suitable for 2 people. 

All bathrooms have windows and all rooms have patio, AC, laundry ($500 extra), and hot-water reservoir.

Parking space available for rent.

  • 2nd fl. $10,800, 3rd fl. south $13,500, 3rd fl. north $12,500, 4th fl. master bedroom $19,000, 5th fl. with large patio $9000, 6th fl. with hot spring $8600;Monthly management fee $500;Monthly elevator maintenance fee$500。
  • Rent include everything except electricity. Electricity fee by percentage: 2nd fl. 14%,3rd fl. south 24%,3rd fl. north 20%,4th fl. 30% ,5th fl. 12%,6th fl. 10%。