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Mar 17 2014 Id recommend the black goo as it waterproofs the wood roof then felt and And nails to seal it. May 04 2002 Sure go ahead if you want but it would be easier shingling if you remove the felt first but it doesnt make that much difference.

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Sep 25 2006 Buy a roll of felt.

Can you put shed felt over old felt. Then you make repairs to the roof deck. Adding new roofing over old sometimes called a re-roof is possible only. Buy a cheap brush though as its killer to get off of anything you dont want it on.

So the answer is no you cannot. Then well look a lot more reasons why you might not want to do this. The answer is yes you can lay new roof shingles over old ones.

Usually the felt more ore less comes off as your stripping old shingles or cedar shakes. As it is the winter I fear there isnt much chance of these drying out but didnt think it was a good idea to put the new felt down on top of wet maybe rotten wood. Yes its okay I supposebut make sure all previous nails and staples are removed or pounded down to prevent tears when your rolling out the new felt.

The old felt need to be stripped of back to the bare boards then if they are ok with no rot you can over board them to give you a clean surface to attach your rubber to do not attach rubber roof straight to the old felt. If the old felt is in fairly good condition you can felt over the top of it after giving it a good sweep to remove any lumps and making sure all nails are well in. But before we get started one thing must be clear.

Apply pressure and chisel away at it until it comes loose. Do the bottom parts then one piece across the apex. Aug 23 2007 yes.

May 31 2008 Remove old felt from the roof with your hands and a putty knife. Replace any rotted decking. After all the nails were pulled we rolled up the old felt and tossed it in the trailer.

Watch our step-by-step video showing how to felt a shed roof with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence. I removed all the old felt and there are large patches of damp wood underneath. The other time we do this is if theres some possible unexpected rain that pops up.

New tarpaper would be. Grab loose pieces of felt and pull them off the roof with your hands. Then you lay down new felt.

I have a 99 secure felt roof -with an undectable leak. You should remove the old shingles and felt and then carefully go over the roof deck removing every last nail or staple left over from the old roof. If your current roof is not in good nick it makes most sense to remove any old material and start over.

I assume it is an apex roof shed. All old felt needs to be removedand leave the surface clean and dryPut lots of cold felt adhesive on both the feltand shed roofwhere contact. Rather than strip all the old felt off can I just re-felt over it.

Pull out nails that are holding felt to the roof using the sharp end of a claw hammer. Sep 03 2019 I have a bad leak in my shed and figured the roofing felt needs replacing. For pieces that arent coming loose press a putty knife underneath it.

Worked for me and when the felt has seen better days black goo over it and add new felt its only a shed and as long as water doesnt get in job done. Oct 12 2010 Normal shed roofing felt from BQ or similar get some large roofing tacks and Bobs your uncle. If you are repairing an existing flat roof it is possible to torch the felt over the material already in place provided those materials are in good shape.

Get a good grade of roofing felt and it will be far better than the thin stuff that probably came. Now that weve taken care of the primary question at hand well consider a couple of reasons why you might want to do this. This is about the only time I may felt over old felt and this may happen once every few years.

Mar 27 2010 can you put roofing felt over roofing felt.

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